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Our Rooms:

Fall of the Empire


You’re going back in time to the Fall of the Roman Empire. The people were strong, raised to fight and were gone for long periods of time to protect their empire. Your mission is to solve puzzles and to help the king understand what happened to his soldiers. Hopefully, the Roman gods will be in your favour and you will be able to escape in an hour.

2 to 6 Players


The Mysterious Case of Maxine Patricia


Conrad Dominic and Maxine Patricia were married happily ever after or were they? He is now the prime suspect for Tamara Pontiac, lead detective on the case to solve the murder of Maxine. She has left clues and evidence all around the crime scene for you to help. There are loose strings to be tied and holes to be filled in order to close this case. Your job is to help her solve the mystery in an hour.

2 to 6 Players



Columbia Valley Escape Rooms

Columbia Valley Escape Rooms is located in beautiful Fairmont Hot Springs. We take great pride in creating rooms that will not only challenge your intellect but also impress in their design. Many hours have been spent going over every detail to ensure this is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Adults (16+): $25+ GST
Children/Youth (7-15): $20+GST

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is an immersive puzzle room, where you and your friends must race against the clock to solve puzzles and find your way out. Its like the movie SAW but less dangerous and no one dies.

What are your CoVid protocols?

We have taken every step we can think of to offer a safe and fun time. We removed all carpets in our rooms and instead have cleanable surfaces. We only have one room open at a time to prevent people from crossing paths in our lobby. The open room alternates, giving us over an hour to clean and sanitize our rooms. We reduced our maximum groups to six people to comply with provincial regulations.

Are your rooms appropriate for kids?

We try to make our rooms fun for the whole family. We don’t do any scares but we do use some Hallowe’en props. The subject matter may cause some concern for some parents, and so we ask that the parents use their own discretion.

I heard you have a mobile escape room, is this true?

Yes, we have a mobile escape room. We can bring the fun of our escape rooms to you. Email to get pricing and availability.

Your website says open until 8:30 and I called at 8:15 and nobody answered.

Our website reflects the time that our last booking ends. If that spot hasn’t filled we sometimes elect to leave shortly after the final spot would have started.

What happens if we don’t make it out in our time limit?

We keep you forever. Not really, while there may at times be the ability to give some teams a little extra time, its usually game over.


We are temporarily closed. See you in 2021

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